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You can be part of an amazing future.

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We are creating a world where our data, our technologies and our bodies are connected to serve people, create value and improve life. In 1994, we saw a world full of solutions that were too rigid to handle the problems of the future.

We saw one size fitting all. We saw a shoe of technology that would not fit the other foot of life. The world needed a different kind of data, and it will take an alternative kind of company to build it. We believe in improving human intelligence, not replacing it.

With everyone's data and the right technology, we can solve the hardest problems in the world and change human life forever. Now we are moving forward. We are positioning ourselves at the centre of a new international web of commerce centred on new markets, new solutions and new humans.

Richard Eades

Our Founder

Work with Meta and you will work with Richard Dreyer. The font of our company. The source of energy, our enterprise, our inspiration and determination. Since the 1990s Richard has created the company in his image. It is a place of work, of play and of so so much more. When you join this company you aren’t joining a family, Meta is closer than that.

Richard will work with you, alongside you, above you and beside you. He will help guide you and shape you as you realise the remarkable possibilities of who you can be, and what shape your life can take.

Listen to the wisdom of the man himself.


Meta Cares

At Meta, your wellbeing is paramount, and the benefits enormous. We care for you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. Your health is everything. But we won’t disrespect you with mere material benefits. Your reward for crushing hours is not the pay or credit for the work you do. In fact, we don’t provide these things at all.

We provide specially equipped, designated areas for all employees whose emotions get the better of them. Our policy is for all workplace bullying to be reported within 48 hours on the Metalog system. Everyone can be a ninja at Meta – a ninja of flow. You can be the Bruce Lee of the database, hacking your way through bad records, chopping algorithms with your bare hands.

With good data and the right technology, people and institutions today can still solve hard problems and change the world for the better. Be part of that better world. Be a flow ninja. Join the Meta Beta Selected. Become the lifeblood of the future.


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Buildings are flow. Locations are situations. People move. Buzz and energy sweep through structures, rest and move on. Meta buildings are constructed around the work, each of them tailored to be a home to you and a temple to all our workers' collective genius.


Location: Brighton

Formed: 2000

Purpose: The hub of the global network. The eye of the storm. The apple of our founder’s eye.


Location: Marlow

Formed: 2010

Purpose: Prototyping, projection and the realising of dreams.

The Campus

Location: North Wales

Formed: 2017

Purpose: The future. New Beginnings. Serving the red markets.

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